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(no subject) [Feb. 17th, 2004|06:51 pm]
we're the first to know

I don't mean to nag, but who'll be featured next? ...And we seem to have doubled in number over here.
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1.4 [Jan. 23rd, 2004|03:43 pm]
we're the first to know
One to watch

It’s unspeakably early in the morning, but CNN’s central London newsroom is already buzzing with activity. Producers debate which European business story to lead with, and researchers tap away at their keyboards, some keeping a casual eye on the latest World Cup scores, being played out on a bank of TV screens overhead.
At the far end of the room, the studio is live on air and Hala Gorani is quietly in control, anchoring BizNews. Wrapping up a live interview with an Afghan affairs analyst, she reads the morning’s headlines from the autocue, before handing over briefly to CNN’s world news anchor in Atlanta.
Richard Quest, CNN’s lanky, livewire business anchor enters the studio as London goes back on air, and the two presenters joke together briefly, before Hala hands over the controls and finishes her shift. It’s barely 8am, but Hala has been in the studio, without a break, for three hours.
Having joined CNN three years ago, Hala Gorani is being groomed for stardom. This summer has seen her take the helm on Design 360, a new series of twelve monthly slots and weekly updates on cutting-edge design, launched in June and broadcast across the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
Blonde and blue-eyed, Hala was born in Seattle to Syrian parents. Her father, a civil engineer went to the US to study and her mother later joined him there.
Raised in Washington DC, Hala later moved to Paris with her mother and older brother. Her mother now lives permanently in France, and Hala divides her time between London and Paris, and keeps in close contact with her grandmother and other relatives in Syria.
“My family is from Aleppo, and I go back there every couple of years,” Hala says. “I have family and friends there - we’re a very close-knit, oriental-style extended family. When I go back to Syria, I speak Arabic - though not very well. I’m French and American, culturally, but Syrian in origin.”

“Paris Review was my first ever TV package,” she recalls. “I guess I wasn’t bad for a 24 year-old, but it really was dreadful. One of the difficult things about TV is that you have to train your voice down, because it gets higher if you’re nervous.
“I sounded like I’d been inhaling helium and got a lot of flack from my friends. But it was fun. And I discovered that in Paris, you can rent parrots and even a Michael Jackson impersonator.”

Hala’s high point so far was when the news broke in May that far-right leader Jean Marie Le Pen had defeated socialist leader Lionel Jospin in the French presidential elections. The shock announcement came as Hala was presenting her business programme, and she found herself in charge of breaking news.
“The French election coverage was the best thing I’ve ever done - being on air for hours without a prompt or any notes at all,” Hala enthuses. “I was on air for three straight hours, covering the breaking story with just two reporters on the ground.”

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1.3 [Jan. 22nd, 2004|05:06 pm]
we're the first to know
As a CNN anchor and reporter, Hala Gorani has travelled the world.
She shares her suitcase secrets.

Q. Do you keep a packed suitcase?
A. I don't keep a suitcase packed at all times but I usually manage to get ready for trips at lightning speed. If I expect to be away five days, I grab five tops, two or three jackets and up to three pairs of trousers, including an old pair of comfortable jeans. I then throw in a small toiletry bag, which is only for travelling purposes and is ready at all times. On the whole, this exercise takes about 10 minutes.

Q. What sort of case is it?
A. I usually carry a foldable weekend bag. For longer trips, I take a small suitcase with wheels small enough to fit in a plane's overhead compartment. It makes for a much quicker journey if you can walk out of the airport without having waited half an hour for your baggage to arrive.

Q. What essential do you pack, and is there anything you never travel without?
A. My tip for quick packing is to think in body parts: top, bottom, socks and underwear. I check off everything mentally and I rarely forget anything essential. This allows me to be efficient and not to over-pack. However, I systematically forget my toothbrush since it is the last thing I use before leaving. I think I have bought about 20 new toothbrushes at various airports this year alone. Obviously I try not to forget taking plug adaptors and my mobile phone charger every time I travel. I own a bag of electrical and telephone adaptors which I carry with me on most trips, just in case.

Q. When and where was your suitcase subjected to the most rigorous search?
A. I've travelled extensively over the years, particularly since I come from quite an international background (I'm a U.S. citizen with Syrian and French parents), but I've been lucky enough to have been rarely stopped at customs.

source: cnn.com
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Hello! [Jan. 22nd, 2004|09:32 pm]
we're the first to know

Hi there! Thanks for putting up a CNNI community. Cool! =) I'm Vic, and I have other outlets to vent out my fangirlish screams, so, don't worry. I'll keep it cool here. ;)

I watch CNNI as often as I can. I'd feel so lost if I'm not tuned in. My favorite reporters/anchors are Alessio Vinci, Richard Quest, Guillermo Arduino, and Ralitsa Vassileva, among others.

I'll go around and promote. See you around. =)
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1.2 [Jan. 21st, 2004|10:41 am]
we're the first to know
First Broadcast Experience: At the age of 24, Gorani reported for a show called the ‘Paris Review’ on the weird and wonderful things that were available for rent in the French capital. She was very nervous and raised her voice a couple of octaves, resulting in a high-pitched sequel.
Languages: Fluent in French and Arabic.
Travel: Gorani travels to New York, France, Greece and the Middle East regularly and would love to travel to Thailand.
Holidays: Enjoys luxurious lazy beach holidays.
Favorite designers: Joseph and Chloe.
Favorite books: Has a passion for French literature.
Top Film: Wong Kar-Wai’s ‘In the Mood for Love’.
Music Preference: Gorani loves singing very much and has an eclectic music taste ranging form Edith Piaf to Charles Aznavour.
Make up: Big fan of Max Factor cosmetics.

source: cnnasiapacific
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1.1 [Jan. 20th, 2004|06:31 pm]
we're the first to know
hala gorani

Hala Gorani is a reporter and anchor for CNN based in London, where she covers a wide variety of business and general stories for the news network.

Gorani regularly anchors news and business programmes from CNN's London studios. She often co-hosts the network's European news and business breakfast show, 'BizNews', as well as presenting CNN's daytime and evening business programmes, 'Business International' and 'World Business Today'.

Gorani often reports for CNN from France, where she anchored CNN's live French election specials in May 2002. She also reported live from Paris as part of CNN's special Euro launch programmes in January 2002, marking the historic currency switchover. Most recently, she has covered the Iraq war from Amman, Jordan and the annual Haj in Saudi Arabia. Other assignments have included the retirement of fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent and the trial of French General Paul Aussaresses, accused of justifying war crimes during the Algerian war of independence.

Away from business and news, Gorani also fronts CNN's design programme 'Design 360', an innovative show dedicated to reporting on all aspects of design, from fashion to architecture.

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Hala Gorani is currently in Atlanta working alongside Jim Clancy in the second edition of Your World Today. She said on Monday, January 12, it was a pleasure being there where she'll be staying "for the next couple of weeks".

The programme airs at 18h00 (GMT).
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